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Triplex Right Shaft Plunger Pump - 5.5 GPM, 3000 PSI


Product Description

High Pressure Pump


The Comet RW 5530 S HD Belt drive pump for industrial Pressure Washers, the RW Series of Pumps feature a Die-Cast Aluminum Crankcase & a 5-Year Warranty.All Comet RW Series pumps include: All Comet RW Series pumps include: Die-Cast Aluminum Crankcase for Protection Against CorrosionHeated Treated Stainless Steel Piston GuidesHighly Efficient Stainless Steel Check ValvesSolid Ceramic PlungersForged Brass Manifold for Maximum Strength and Longer Life up to 3000 PSIOne Piece, Solid Bronze Alloy Connection RodsNew Travel/Working Oil CapHigh Quality Tapered Roller BearingsLarge Oil Capacity Dissipates Heat and Improves Lubrication for Longer Life5-Year Pump Warranty


COMET RW 5530 S Solid Shaft Plunger Pump - 5.5 GPM, 3000 PSI

SKU: RW 5530 S 
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