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Pressure washing equipment

Honda IGX800 Fuel injected V-twin Motor. This is the most powerful model in its class, paired with industry leading fuel injection and updated electronics. This is truly a, “Smart Motor,” and the future of the industry. The IGX800 is capable of full diagnostic scans and is capable of providing a code for each type of error. This motor is offered in the TAPP configuration, which provides 26 recharging Amps, allowing this machine to be paired with hot boxes.

Both the motor and pump have custom length oil drains installed to allow for fast and easy maintenance. Any length on the oil drains can be manufactured in house to fit any configuration, upon request.

Our Power Packs come standard with lead acid AGM batteries. This battery is conveniently approved for all modes of transport. VRLA technology eliminates spills and over pressurizing. The battery cables provided with the machine are manufactured in house to a standard 48” length; however, any length desired is available upon request.

The V-Belt driven power packs will have a cogged four-groove banded belt. This gives us a better grip and bite on the pulleys and helps reduce friction heat. A fabric covers the belt body for extreme abrasion and wear resistance. The banded V-belt is more resistant to tensile and flexing forces, assisting with shock load and fatigue. Grade 8 bolts have been installed on the drive pulleys, giving a more secure taper lock to eliminate walking.

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Our one-piece belt covers are Aircraft grade aluminum, brake formed and welded. The tapered cover allows for easy extraction without removing the muffler. Strategically placed louvers allow air flow through the belt cover, allowing the belt to remain cool. A polyester powder coat is applied to the cover giving extra resistance and further protection, enabling the cover to withstand the elements. 

Our base is comprised of A36 structural steel with generous brake formed bends for a strengthened radius. Each hole is CNC drilled to ensure accuracy. The base is sand blasted, primed, and polyester powered coated. With rubber isolators installed, we achieve a base height of 4” inches allowing easy access to the undercarriage.  Overall dimensions will be 20” W x 27” L x 23” H, - a compact for a unit in this class. 

The belt tensioning system is manufactured in house, using 1”x 1/8” steel angle for the brackets with welded cage nuts for easy installation. Our Tension rods are 3/8” stainless steel.  The tension is pulled from the back of the pump using a push-pull system, enabling the pump to remain in a straight line with the motor. 

Our units are capable of running a dual gun set-up, pending unloader choice. In addition, we are pleased to offer block mount unloaders with jumper hoses, if requested. All plumbing configurations can be changed upon request, along with the client’s choice of pump.

One 6-gallon marine grade fuel tank comes standard with each unit (49-state approved). This fuel tank is a complete assembly, including feed and return lines with check vales and quick connect fittings installed. If needed, a 50-state approved tank can be provided. 

Pumps are mounted to a one-piece galvanized pump hat, that is CNC drilled for precision alignment.

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Pressure washing unit
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