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Dyne Power Packs is a cleaning equipment manufacturer, an American company created by experts with more than 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to developing machinery, equipment, and ultra-high pressure systems for water jet cleaning for our customers around the world, Our ability to customize such equipment enables our clients to obtain the best machines on the market with the best service, advice, and of course, the lowest costs.


Dyne Power Packs is your strategic partner when you need to incorporate to your business a powerful and dependable cleaning machine.

Dyne Power Packs can take your business to the next level, by providing you with the most reliable and powerful industrial pressure washer equipment on the market, Additionally, our equipment is easy to maintain and operate.

We are not interested in just selling equipment. Our goal is to lead the industry with an army of satisfied users of our pressure washing equipment.

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Portable to take with you everywhere


Designed and engineered for best performance.


Power washing tool
Commercial servics
Residential services


Powerful to handle your biggest projects


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