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Dyne Power Packs is an American company created by experts with more than 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to developing equipment and ultra-high pressure systems for water-jet cleaning for our customers around the world. Our ability to customize such equipment enables our clients to obtain the best machines on the market with the best service, advice, and of course, the lowest costs.


Dyne Power Packs is your strategic partner when you aspire to incorporate powerful and dependable cleaning equipment into your daily operations.

Dyne Power Packs can take your business to the next level, by providing you with the most reliable and powerful equipment on the market, Additionally, our equipment is easy to maintain and operate.

We are not interested in just selling equipment. Our goal is to lead the industry with an army of satisfied customers.


Dyne Power Packs was born as an answer to our clients requests. Our mother company, who specializes in underwater cleaning applications, has been in the manufacturing business for more than 20 years. Heeding the requests of our customers, we have now created dependable, powerful cleaning equipment for day-to-day surface cleaning applications.

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